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August Gardening Tips 2013

News Article * Posted: 31 Jul 2013

What a delightful month of July, with the sizzling weather your garden is definitely in need of some TLC! As august approaches, watering your garden is essential. It may seem obvious but if the summer has been dry, your garden would have suffered greatly from the heat. Here are a few great tips that can help your garden look beautiful this summer. • Be sure to water...

May Gardening Tips

News Article * Posted: 09 May 2013

Now the weather is starting to show signs of improvement (and hopefully it will continue!), there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with in your garden. Here are our top tips this month: • Ensure you spring clean your garden throughout May by getting rid of weeds before they take hold. • Remove moss from paths, driveways and terraces and remember to keep an eye ...

Christmas gardening tips

News Article * Posted: 21 Dec 2012

While you are eating, drinking and generally being merry this Christmas, it is important not to neglect your garden. Here are a few handy hints about what you can be doing in your garden during your time off between Christmas and New Year: • Use this time to clean out your garden shed or recycle anything that you can • Order your seeds, platelets and seedlings rea...

Winter Gardening Tips

News Article * Posted: 22 Nov 2012

We have some great tips on how to maintain your garden and look after the local wildlife during the cold winter months… • Protect tender plants and your grass for winter • Create natural food for wildlife by planting native trees and shrubs such as guilder rose, holly and yew, and provide feed for the birds • Stop feeding your pond fish and remove, clean and s...

Autumn gardening tips

News Article * Posted: 17 Oct 2012

The autumn is now here and although it is a beautiful time of year with the trees changing colour, there is still work to be done in your garden to keep it at its best. Jobs to be done this month: • Clear away autumn leaves regularly • Carry on weeding and tidying borders • Plant out spring cabbages • Prepare your soil for next year by digging in compost, manu...